Certified Management System

Quality management system according to
ISO/ TS 16949:2009
certified compliant with certification requirements of the automotive industry
certificate registry no. 71 111 J 036/1
(IATF-Registration-No. 0145507) and
certificate registry no. 71 111 J 036/2
(IATF-Registration-No. 0145508).

Bad Sobernheim plant


Mechanical processing and manufacturing of ready-to-install components for engines, gearboxes and axles

Bockenau plant


Metal forming: drop-forging, impact extrusion, ring roling and cross rolling, heat treatment



  • Error prevention has priority over troubleshooting
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Hire and further train qualified and responsible employees and suppliers
  • Ensure process and product quality and profitability
  • Promote external and internal customer satisfaction by flexibility and meeting quality, deadline and quantity commitments



HAY|Group Energy and Environmental Policies

Economic activities are associated with energy consumption and interference in the environment. For this reason the for industrial production necessary technology and their peripherals must be designed in such a manner so as not to endanger humans or the surrounding environment and that the energy required is kept to a minimum. The Johann Hay GmbH & Co. KG Automobiltechnik acknowledges this 21st century strategic task by implementing both a globally standard integrated management system, DIN EN ISO 14001 and the European-wide standard DIN EN ISO 50001.

The energy and environmental policy embodies the principals of our various efforts. As part of our corporate guidelines it is binding for all our employees. Our internal corporate energy and environmental protection objectives and the energy efficiency and environmental protection programs necessary to achieve these objectives are derived from it. The Johann Hay GmbH & Co. KG Automobiltechnik energy and environmental protection are based on the following energy management and environmental protection guidelines:

  • Continuous reviews and improvement of operational energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Regular reviews of our production processes and products regarding their energy and environmental impacts
  • Viability and further development of our integrated management system and compliance with energy and environmental policies and their objectives
  • Regular information and training for our employees
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements



Certificate_50001 (2015-2018)

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